Monday, August 18, 2008

Tiden flyver. Time goes by.

Jeg har igennem en række år abonneret på Interweave Knits. Der har altid være inspiration at hente, men ikke denne gang. Det er godt nok en stor skuffelse denne gang, det kan jeg og andre gøre langt bedre.

In a couple of year I have recieved Interweave Knits. It allways inspired me but not this time. A great disapointment.


Stephanie... said...

How are you? I've been terribly busy with the summer, work etc and have let a lot of things slide. Am sorry that the current issue of IK is so terribel but what dismays me even more is that you got your copy but I have yet to get mine!

Denblyviol said...

Hi love - nice your are back. I am trying to hang on as well but everything is allright. You can have mine if you do not recieve yours just let me know.


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